I needed to sell my condo in San Diego. I received military orders to transfer to Japan, so needless to say I was a very motivated seller. I contacted Jessica and she helped me do a market analysis to determine whether it was in my best interest to sell or rent. I would not have been able to cover my costs with rent so I decided to sell. Jessica told me that she could sell it for way more than I thought it would go for and she delivered. She had it under contract in less than a month! The entire process took less than two months! She even covered the cost for an extremely well done photo shoot of the unit and also more than half of the repair costs that we both thought were ridiculous, but it was easier to just give the buyers the small credit than fight them over it. From my experience, Jessica is a fantastic seller’s agent. As I write this I cannot believe that she moved my unit so quickly. She delivered on all of her guarantees and never let me down.